IUPUI Learning Spaces I & II

Indianapolis, In

The Learning Spaces provide an environment where students can gather for individual and/or group study, or simply to take a break between classes. Because the location of the Learning Spaces is frequented by both students and faculty, Rowland designed innovative and engaging teaching and learning environments that meet the needs of everyone on campus. Various groups of seating in durable materials and fabrics create a refreshing and relaxing atmosphere, and the unique walls and other surfaces capture the attention of passersby, inviting people to sit, think, relax and discuss.

Using new materials that entice the senses, this Learning Space designed by Rowland uses warm hues such as rich orange and crimson combined with a cool-toned table top to create an idea of fire and ice. A sheer curtain provides some privacy to those taking a break to check email or have an intimate conversation, and the carpet patterns of the space enhance the feelings of motion given by the curved lighting fixtures. The Learning Spaces have given students, faculty and staff a place to gather, study and socialize.