Indiana University Wells Library, Scholars’ Commons

Bloomington, Indiana

Designed to support multiple processes and functions, the Indiana University Scholars’ Commons space stimulates the journey from curiosity to discovery to completion.

Researchers, whether faculty, staff, or students, come first in this space. The library serves as an academic hub that offers easy access to experts with supportive technology for every stage of scholarship. With a variety of individual and collaborative spaces, users can thrive in the area that best suits their needs. Scholars’ Commons easily adapts to each researcher and is optimized for technology ranging from laptops and mobile devices to the multi-screen visualization or IQ Wall.

Aimed at enhancing productivity and comfort, open computer desking systems, lounge areas, and various study tables surround a core cluster of high tech consultation rooms. A wall within each room features floor to ceiling tile in varying depths. The design, which echoes the exterior of the building, adds rich textural detail and interest to each enclave.

The overall design of Scholars’ Commons focused on celebrating the existing architecture of the library, which resulted in a geometric plan. Wood paneling throughout the space inspired the selection of new materials. Bold crimson in carpet patterns, soft seating, and workstations punctuate the space, while reinforcing the IU brand. Glass doors enclosing a large media room retract for greater flexibility. A suspended ceiling panel system incorporates both form and function. Channels within the ceiling discreetly integrate lighting, sprinkler, and mechanical functions. Previously obstructed windows now showcase the exterior view.



DSC_5772  DSC_5782