This unique and vibrant Espresso Bar was designed as a hangout for the entrepreneurial crowd, who may want to get a little work done while getting their java fix in an ultra-hip environment. Owned by a former female barista, a softer interior aesthetic was desired. Della Leva’s eye-catching décor includes a beautiful peony flower mural as the central focus with comfortable bench seating below. This is contradicted by eye-catching black marble counters and black-and-white tile floors and individual chairs that carry on the black-and-white motif. Curved leather chairs in red further coordinate with the artistry of the mural and provide colorful respite for Della Leva’s customers.

Rowland Design also designed Della Leva’s logo and exterior signage to compliment the contemporary feel of the espresso bar’s interior. The shop’s name was derived from the owner’s family member, Della, and Leva was added which is Italian for “of the lever”, reminding one of the lever used in machines that makes espresso.

The espresso bar includes a drive-through lane and seating inside for up to 40 customers.