Rowland Design’s new Indianapolis headquarters began life as a one-story, nearly windowless office building. It’s location on the newly developed Indianapolis Cultural Trail demanded much more.

As a second floor was added, the building’s orientation was changed to focus on and welcome the activity of the trail. Fundamentally designed for efficiency and to enhance our design process, all spaces radiate off the hospitality of the two story lobby core. The ground floor houses conference and library functions while the second floor is devoted to the design studio and business support staff.

Driven by functionality, both the interior and exterior consciously recognize the construction materials used, contrasting the underlying structure with refined finishes.  Sunshades on the exterior of the building cut energy consumption while they add depth to the façade and provide a kinetic experience to users of the trail. A paneled wall in one conference room glides away to become the enclosure of another.

2015 Monumental Awards “Honor” award recipient for Architecture and Interior Design.

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