Long Beach Country Club

Long Beach, IN

The existing clubhouse was unattractive and had several structural issues. An alternate location did not exist, so the old clubhouse was demolished to allow for new construction. Working in a short time window, the project started on Labor Day of 1998 to be completed by Memorial Day of 1999. Because the location was on top of a sand dune, erosion concerns were addressed. The architectural style of the clubhouse has a prairie and arts influence appropriate to the Long Beach community. The interiors are warm, comfortable and casual with authentic reproductions of Frank Lloyd Wright furniture in the entrance lobby.

“As I think back four years ago when I became involved in the building project for Long Beach Country Club, I had several second thoughts of the nightmares ahead of me. The most gratifying part of the whole project was that Rowland did not promise anything they did not deliver. I was extremely impressed with the timeline detail that brought the project in a few critical weeks early, and under budget to the delight of the membership.”

– Terry Hurley, President, Long Beach Country Club