Moyer Fine Jewelers

Carmel, IN

After multiple renovations to unite several build-outs, Dan Moyer of Moyer Fine Jewelers engaged Rowland Design to give his store a chic interior refresh.  The previous joining of structures had created a fractured layout that lacked natural flow and needed to be addressed.  The goal of this project was to create an exemplary customer experience through improved space planning and a cohesive design aesthetic.

In the showroom, traditional décor was replaced with a modern, neutral palette anchored in black, cream and gray.  Cherry woodwork on the staircases and various moldings were painted in a rich iron ore black.  Existing showcases were rearranged and seamlessly integrated into the new space plan and design.  In the new design a distinctive bridal area, with comfortable seating, was created.  Adjacent to the bridal area, private showing spaces were also established for a more intimate customer experience.

Gauzy, oversized pendants span the length of the showroom.  A group of large, geometric mirrors reflect light throughout the room and sheer white draperies extend from the ceiling of the second floor to the ground.  These dramatic elements boldly enhance the room’s design and layout, resulting in a dynamic, energized space.