Private Residence 7

Indianapolis, In

Our clients desired a lake-front home to accommodate their outdoor lifestyle. Rowland Design, working alongside their Realtor, was engaged to redesign an existing property that included outdoor amenities, a swimming pool and tennis court, but required restructuring of the interior spaces.

While most of the original spaces and the outside look of the house remain, the interior rooms and spaces were re-purposed and re-proportioned to create a contemporary living environment.

The front entry was moved more centrally to give it more prominence and to provide a welcoming experience to the home’s visitors. The existing garage entrance, dark and hidden behind a staircase, was transformed to create a brightly lit access.

Blocking the lake view, the original fireplace was replaced with large glass panels allowing visual access to the lake scenery and more light into the living space. A new, two-sided fireplace was designed and located between the living space and breakfast nook. A European style kitchen was also incorporated into the remodel.

The home’s original two story atrium space was restyled with the addition of a floor in-between. A lake-facing study was created on the upper floor and the lower space was converted into an exercise wing complete with Jacuzzi, sauna, and workout room.

Reconfiguration of the existing master bedroom and adjacent spaces accommodates a lake view, a larger master bath and closet. An original study room was converted into a new laundry area.