Private Residence

Indianapolis, Indiana

This project was a result of the clients’ desire to change their style of living to adapt to several requirements. With three teenage children moving onto college in the next few years, the home’s design and layout needed to function well for their current family of five, as well as “empty nesters” in the near future. This shift in the family dynamic led us to rethink how primarily two people live in the space together and welcome their children back to the house upon their return on breaks. There was no longer a need for a lot of private, closed off space in the house.

Based on the impending shift in family structure, it seemed fitting that the clients embrace modern design as a way of living. The newly designed space provides more function tied to two people during most days, yet can accommodate large groups when the kids and friends are home – focusing on the social aspects of both scales. Inspiration came in concept from the Eames Lounge Chair – with two contrasting expressions in the bent plywood formality enveloping the comfort of luxury.

Exterior frame walls are clad in hand selected limestone, cedar, and stucco. All of these materials are also reflected on the interior, creating a cohesive and simplified palette. The interiors are designed to allow the clients to make simple rearrangement of how the spaces are oriented both to each other and to the exterior, including various designated locations for commissioning of art.