Indiana Landmarks Center

Indianapolis, IN

Working in concert with George Ridgeway of the Cook Group, Rowland Design was responsible for the redesign of the 1922 wing of the former Central Avenue Methodist Church to function as the new headquarters for Indiana Landmarks. The challenging project included a new main entrance which required the removal of an existing floor and insertion of a new elevator and egress stairs to make accessible as many of the building’s 22 levels as possible.

Indiana Landmarks wanted a more contemporary design for their office areas to help demonstrate the coexistence of well detailed new work within historic structures. Lighting and HVAC systems were designed to keep existing ceiling heights while carefully allowing the installation of sprinkler systems and air conditioning in a building which previously had neither. Much of the design had the direct oversight of the project’s main donor, Bill Cook, and was designed with both high quality and high value in mind.

Indiana Landmark Center was awarded in the Monumental Affair Awards for “Innovative Reuse”, “Landscape Architecture”, and “Community Development”.