OFS Corporate

Louisville, KY

It is rare that a project is presented to a design team that allows for a collaboration of talents and resources utilizing the unique abilities of the client, designer, and architect in the creation of unique environments and new furnishing products. Such was the case when OFS of Huntingburg, Indiana embarked on the creation of a new headquarters facility that would unite offices spread between several disconnected structures in the area. The goals outlined by company president Hank Menke were not only the creation of space to house employees, but also a show place for the company’s products and capabilities, and a health and wellness based environment that would attract and retain employees.

Since the new headquarters was to act as a showroom as well as office space for staff, interior details and colorations were kept in neutral tones with the use of wood products as a major design tool. Most, if not all furniture and furnishings used throughout the offices, illustrated OFS capabilities to do custom applications for desks, conference tables and even systems furniture. Only seating products were running line items. A waterfall behind the reception desk illustrated OFS capabilities to integrate multiple elements of glass, case goods, metals and hydraulics into a striking backdrop for visitors. The finished product for OFS focuses on clean open environments with abundant daylight, interactive spaces, and a working lab for product display and customer interface.