Liberty Fund

Carmel, Indiana

Construction was recently completed for Liberty Fund’s new 61,000 square foot headquarters, located on a wooded 8 acre site in Carmel, Indiana. The headquarters includes a two-story library, two-story office space as well as a single story hospitality center and central courtyard. This facility will entertain meetings, debates, and educational endeavors which provide for enlightenment to the greater body of mankind. Architecture for this facility is intended to be both iconic and monumental.

Books are to the Liberty Fund what oil paintings are to the Louvre, so making the library the centerpiece of its new home made sense. The library occupies a glass-clad, two-story rectangle facing busy Meridian Street at 111th. Overlaying the glass is a steel mesh decorated with a kind of historical frieze that highlights the evolution of liberty, from its first written appearance in ancient Greece to its 18th century culmination in the Declaration of Independence.