IUPUI Honors College

Indianapolis, IN

Because of our strong relationship with IU and IUPUI, Rowland Design was hired to design the IUPUI Honors College. The Honors College wanted to create a space that captured the interest of students, parents and faculty. Because the Honors College is located in a basement space, special consideration was taken in the planning stages that addressed the low ceiling height, as well as the surrounding mechanical rooms that serve the entire building.

Faculty offices line the perimeter of the space, with the inward walls made of transparent glass, adding to the open feel of the area.  New continuous isolated partitions were added in front of the existing perimeter walls, to absorb noise made by the equipment housed on the other side of the partition.  New ceilings were attached to the new partition assemblies, and sound attenuated successfully, avoiding the transfer of noise and vibration coming from the mechanical rooms.  Lighting designed according to new ASHRAE standards was a key element to the design’s success, adding visual interest and creating a sense of movement throughout the space.

“It [IUPUI Honors College] offers a transformative experience and a spirit of inquiry and discovery in which they are provided ample opportunities to engage in cutting-edge research, explore the world as a global citizen and seek out real-world experience in their fields.”

-Dr. Jane Luzar, Dean of Honors College