Indiana University Cinema & Drama Theatre

Bloomington, IN

This 10 million dollar renovation project for Indiana University, led by MGA Partners with Rowland Design, had four main parts: The Cinema, The Black Box Theatre, The Movement Studio, and the classrooms and offices. The cinema’s design challenge was to fit a state of the art THX surround sound cinema into the existing space (this required a larger projection booth to fit all of the modern equipment). The original fly loft floor was removed and reengineered to allow for heavy equipment to move sets to and from the existing loading dock. A new structure was added inside the existing space to allow for The Black Box Theatre and Movement Studio along with two sets of stairs and an elevator for proper access. In order to do this, the design team had to add an overbuild section to the upper floors, and remove and replace the entire roof. This project is to achieve LEED Silver certification.

Photos provided by:  Halkin Photography for MGA Partners Architects  &  Indiana University