Metro Dental Group

Louisville, KY

After occupying a tiny, 1,200 sf suite in a 1960’s high-rise medical office building in Downtown Louisville for nearly 20 years, this general dentistry practice searched for a new office location for nearly ten of those 20 years. They finally settled on 301 East Main Street, a three story building purchased and renovated by Cobalt Ventures LLC for office and medical tenants. The building was adapted from its original use as a meat packing plant, creating design and construction challenges while offering the practice some much needed amenities for their patients and staff. The design was to project fresh, contemporary technology with a recurrent circular theme. Circular ductwork was utilized in a natural finish, multiple lighting systems including decorative, task, indirect and direct lighting were chosen to add dimension to the space as was a multi-level soffit over the reception desk.

“Rowland Design guided us through lease negotiations, design development and construction for the new office. They kept us on schedule and within budget, and produced an award winning office design!. It doesn’t get any better than that!”

-Dr. Kathleen vonRoenn, Partner